Rapid 6 Foam - Transform Detergent Wipes and Kill C Difficile Easily

Rapid 6 Foam & Wipe System

All-in-one High-grade cleaning & disinfection system

The Rapid 6 Foam & Wipe System is a water-based, High-Level sporicidal system designed for the rapid cleaning and disinfection of hard surfaces.

Effective against the five major pathogen groups found in hospitals worldwide, it is easy for all members of staff to use throughout the hospital.


Rapid 6 Foam & Wipe System was specifically designed to overcome some of the serious limitations that exist in traditional hospital infection control products and help make cleaning and disinfecting hospital hard surfaces easy for all members of staff throughout the entire hospital. (Please see our brochure for more information.)

Consistently sufficient disinfection

Sufficient disinfectant to ensure equal surface and wipe kills rates is provided by:
  • Having ‘extra-wet’ Rapid 6 Wipes
  • Using Rapid 6 Foam ahead of the wipes to boost performance and accelerate kill rates.

Works in real life situations! 

Some traditional disinfectants do not work in the presence of organic matter or dirty surfaces, meaning that over the time of cleaning a surface the efficacy of the solution can be diminished, leading to variations in the effectiveness of the biocide.

Rapid 6 has been tested in both clean and dirty conditions, using short contact times to demonstrate its performance in practical settings and to show Rapid 6 functions in the presence of organic matter.

715252com澳门特开In addition, Rapid 6 has been tested in independent real-life simulations which test both the wipe and also the surfaces being cleaned. Using surfaces contaminated with C.difficile spores, Rapid 6 shows equal kill rates on both the cleaned surfaces and the wipe - demonstrating that the spores are being killed and not just simply being transferred to adjoining surfaces.

How to Use

Rapid 6 Wipes

715252com澳门特开After performing a risk assessment, wipe from clean to dirty working towards you in straight ‘S’ shaped lines. Take care not to clean the same area twice. Let area air dry.

  • Always use a new wipe for a new surface.
  • Don’t use the same wipe on multiple surfaces.
  • Dispose of wipe if it becomes soiled or dry. 

Rapid 6 Foam

715252com澳门特开Spray Rapid 6 Foam ahead of your wipe to boost cleaning area and performance.

Where to Use

Rapid 6 Foam & Wipe System is designed for use on all hard surfaces (excluding medical devices) and can be used to disinfect, amongst others:


 Two Formats - One Easy System!


Rapid 6 is available in two ready-to-use delivery methods that can be used individually, or in combination together:

715252com澳门特开On their own, each format offers Intermediate Level cleaning. However, by using them in combination together, the user can achieve Rapid High Level Disinfection.

Rapid 6 Surface Disinfection products easily work within pre-existing hospital cleaning protocols, without the need to re-train staff or change disinfection practices. Some hospitals /wards may prefer to work with cleaning liquids and micro-fibre cloths. Whereas, others prefer to use only Wipes or operate a combination of both liquids and wipes, depending upon the cleaning requirement and procedures established.

With Rapid 6 Foam & Wipe System, you have one system with two delivery methods that easily adapts itself to area-specific cleaning requirements. This both:

  • Reduces confusion for cleaning staff.
  • Reduces the number of products hospitals have to stock.
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