Enduro Sanitising Wipes

Alcohol free wipes - >99.99% kill rate against Coronavirus in 30 seconds

Alcohol free, water-based wipes for the sanitising and cleaning of hands and non-food contact hard surfaces.

  • >99.99% inactivation against Coronavirus in 30 seconds - find out more here.
  • 60 second kill rates against bacteria and fungi
  • Kind to skin - naturally moisturing, dermatologically tested and suitable for repeated use
  • Non-flammable - no special storage requirements
  • Long lasting activity - proven residual activity against bacteria for up to 4 hours after application
  • Fast drying - with no sticky residue
  • Alcohol free formula - non-flammable and with no perfume or smell   

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Pack sizes

ESW 200


ESW 60

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Tub of 200 wipes

(Wipe size: 130 x 130mm)


Tub of 60 wipes

(Wipe size: 200 x 200mm)

Enduro Sanitising Wipes

   ESW 225RF


Bucket of 225 wipes

(Wipe size: 240 x 250mm)


Refill for 225 wipes bucket

(Wipe size: 240 x 250mm)

   ESW 40F

 Flowrap of 40 wipes

(Wipe size: 180 x 185mm)

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